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B2C catalogue and brochure shop

Problem: : Processing single orders with individual cover letters.
Critical challenges: Personalised cover letter including automatic referral to the nearest branch.
Our standard catalogue shop is used by many well-known tour operators. It works via a frame that is integrated into the customer’s existing website.
Our shop solution can be implemented within a short space of time and can be adapted to the layout and colour scheme of the existing website. The brochures are presented with a cover picture and validity date as standard. However, the customer has the option of adding detailed descriptions online for the items.
Recipients receive a cover letter with each order in which they are personally addressed, as well as being referred to the nearest branch for further information. In this case, the distribution is controlled via the recipient’s postcode. The tour operator can allocate the postcodes to the relevant branches via our online B2B shop. Each week, the branches receive a report containing information about the customers who have received brochures on behalf of the branch.

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B2C-Shoplösung Katalogversand
B2C-Shoplösungen Katalogversand