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Emmi B2C shop solution

Problem: Processing single orders for private customers, including invoicing and accounts receivable.
Critical challenges: Credit card payments, invoicing, employee orders.
Emmi Schweiz AG put its warehouse logistics out to tender and was seeking a partner that could offer reliable B2B and B2C shop solutions. We were able to convince Emmi Schweiz AG of the quality of our standard shop solutions, which are being used successfully today.

It was important for Emmi Schweiz AG’s requirements that the staff prices are shown when accessing the shop directly via the Emmi Intranet.
All orders are processed by us within 24 hours. The corresponding invoice is sent out with each order.

In Emmi Schweiz AG’s case, we also perform the accounts receivable function, including issuing reminders. Emmi Schweiz AG receives monthly statistics on the recipients and the items sold.
Take a look inside the shop:
Emmi Shop