Markus Flühmann AG
Industrie Nord 9
CH-5634 Merenschwand

Fon +41 (0)56 675 75 75
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Healthcare Consulting Group AG

Problem: Healthcare Consulting Group AG was seeking a reliable logistics partner for the monthly B2B distribution of its “Astrea” magazine to chemists and drug stores.
Critical challenges: Migration of the electronic order data from the client’s subscription management system.
The print shop delivers the total circulation of about 120,000 copies to us. Within three days, approximately 900 recipient addresses are supplied with widely differing quantities, and about one third of recipients receive magazines in their own corporate design.
In addition, various samples are sent out regularly as a supplement together with the magazine.

Almost 900 chemists throughout Switzerland expect to receive their personal copy of our customer magazine “astreaAPOTHEKE” ten times a year. Markus Flühmann AG fulfils this task for us in a reliable and highly professional manner. A high level of competence is a prerequisite for us. But it is also Markus Flühmann AG’s flexibility, its responsiveness to new ideas, its commitment and its personal touch that make the company a valuable logistics partner for us.
Peter Lemp
Project Manager
Healthcare Consulting Group AG