Markus Flühmann AG
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Catalogue logistics for the travel industry

Problem: In 1990, McKinsey recommended that tour operator Kuoni should outsource the storage and distribution of its catalogues.
Critical challenges: Optimisation of the initial distribution to travel agents.
In 1991 Kuoni Reisen AG started the distribution and storage of their catalogues through the Markus Flühmann AG. Today, we can proudly say that the vast majority of well-known Swiss tour operators rely on us to fulfil their catalogue logistics requirements.

Initial distribution

The printed catalogues are delivered to us, or, if required, collected from the print shop (inland) by us.
Based on the actual level of consumption of the previous year and the tour operator’s specified distribution quota, we calculate the demand for the new catalogues for each travel agent.
All types of catalogue that are published within a week are bundled together and distributed to travel agents at particularly favourable rates. During the peak season, we are able to distribute up to 530 tonnes of catalogues each week.


The travel agents can reorder catalogues online at any time using our B2B order shop.

The travel industry is a fast-moving business, which is why our partners need to be on the same wavelength and keep up with the tempo. In Markus Flühmann AG, Hotelplan Suisse has found precisely such a partner. Fast, reliable and like-minded. We can’t imagine a better partner for our logistics needs.
Silvana Ripa
Marketing Director
Hotelplan Suisse