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History of Markus Flühmann AG


Our online platform for travel agencies appears in a new look. This platform

is used by all travel agencies to order their brochures.


We release our new generation of online shop-solutions. The new state-of-the-art shop can be used as well as for  b2b or a b2c ordering and the usability was adapted to the actuel standard.



Markus Flühmann celebrates his 30 years of enterpreneurship.
The company’s B2C shop solutions – developed in-house – are used for the first time by customers including the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and Emmi Schweiz AG.

Construction of the second logistics centre at Rigistrasse 20, Merenschwand. An additional 8,000 m² of processing space and a mobile racking system for 3,600 pallets are acquired in November 2009.
Markus Flühmann celebrates 25 years as an entrepreneur. To mark the occasion, a celebration is held on 5 June at the company’s premises, with 300 customers and service partners in attendance.
The mobile racking system is expanded by 600 pallet spaces in October 2006, and by a further 1,500 spaces in winter 2007.
Markus Flühmann AG starts employing logistics trainees in August 2007.

In order to meet the additional storage requirements, the warehouse is expanded by 1,700 m² and fitted with a mobile racking system for 1,662 pallets, providing the company with more than 13,900 m² of storage space.

The company’s logistics fleet is expanded to a total of five delivery vehicles, which travel between St Gallen, Bern, Basel and Lucerne, and around Zurich each day.
In addition to its publications, UBS AG transfers the storage and worldwide distribution of its CI and promotional material to Markus Flühmann AG.
The company acquires another customer from outside the travel industry:
Edubook AG As well as trading in textbooks, it uses state-of-the-art digital printing techniques to produce teaching material for a consortium of private schools. Markus Flühmann AG is responsible for distributing the items to the schools and directly to the students.
Lagerlogistik, Lagerhalle
An additional warehouse with 1,200 m² storage space is built in order to meet growing customer demand.
Markus Flühmann AG’s online catalogue ordering service becomes the national benchmark for leading CRS systems.
Markus Flühmann AG is awarded the prestigious “Handel Swisslog 2002” prize for innovation by the Swiss Logistics Association.
The company takes over UBS AG’s entire distribution of brochures and printed material.

Its logistics fleet is expanded to a total of three delivery vehicles.
Lagerlogistik, Logistikcenter 1
On 29 June, the company starts work on expanding its storage space to 11,000 m² and its office space to 800 m².
Travel agents and private customers can now order catalogues online at The first orders from the pharmaceuticals industry and the publishing industry are completed successfully; space in the three-year-old building is already becoming tight.
Travel agents can now reorder their brochures via Traviswiss. Markus Flühmann AG awards a contract for the development of an online solution and decides to expand its services into new target markets.
The company starts employing commercial trainees in August 1997. Due to the company’s positive growth, it is able to continue employing most of them after they have completed their training.
Lagerlogistik, Logistikcenter
On 16 December, Markus Flühmann AG has more than 4,400 m² of storage space and 220 m² of office space in a modern building in Merenschwand, which has been specifically tailored to the company’s requirements.

The company enhances its range of services on the new premises. Up to 40 staff are now employed, depending on the season.
Initially, the prospectuses are stored in rented barns around Birri and Aristau and on the former premises of Alfatextil in Althäusern. The company decides to construct its own premises to meet the increasingly urgent need for a suitable infrastructure.
While performing a company analysis at Kuoni, McKinsey realises that its distribution of brochures is being handled inefficiently and cost-intensively. According to McKinsey, outsourcing would reduce Kuoni’s costs significantly. Markus Flühmann is contacted and the company presents a catalogue logistics concept that will later revolutionise the Swiss travel industry.

Today, more than 90% of all travel brochures are stored centrally by Markus Flühmann AG. Orders and repeat orders are dispatched on a daily basis.

Markus Flühmann, sales manager at hotel & tourism revue, buys a PC and starts to collect the addresses of travel agents. This modest collection of addresses has since developed into the most comprehensive industry database in Switzerland.