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Warehouse logistics

Professional storage involves more than just stacking goods in a suitable location. In particular, we believe that the essence of warehouse logistics lies in fulfilling customer requirements and offering flexible, cost-effective solutions.

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TUI Suisse is won over by the quality and efficiency of Markus Flühmann AG services
As a tour operator, we are in daily contact with travel agents (i.e. our distribution partners), providing them with the holiday brochures and travel documents that they need for their customers. Our logistics partner must fulfil the highest expectations. We need a reliable, deadline-compliant and high-quality service that offers a high degree of flexibility at the best possible price. For years, the Flühmann distribution company, with its staff, its specialist expertise and its customer-friendly innovations, has been serving our needs to our utmost satisfaction. Its logistics solutions are second to none: both our partners and ourselves are impressed by the quality of the company’s efficient storage and dispatch processes.
Erich Mühlemann
Director Distribution
TUI Suisse Ltd, Zürich