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Manual lettershop

With Markus Flühmann AG, your mailings are literally in safe hands, no matter how unusual your idea. We are proud of the fact that we don’t leave this important stage of distribution to machines: all lettershop preparation work is performed by the nimble hands of our packers. An additional advantage is that a final inspection can be performed automatically at the same time.
Our lettershop is where we perform any work associated with your mailing requirements, from sending letters to posting packages. We print and personalise letters and labels, pack them or place them in envelopes, frank them and send them out on time.

Besides our conventional lettershop services, you can also rely on our extensive experience in providing manual services. We prepare all types of printed material; we fold, stick and staple, and we perform any other manual tasks required.

Thanks to our flexible deployment of staff and our highly competent partners, we are also able to act as your general contractor on large-volume lettershop projects.
Lettershop, kuvertieren, Adressierung, Mailing
Lettershop, kuvertieren, Adressierung, Mailing
Lettershop, kuvertieren, Adressierung, Mailing
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