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Packing service

Whether we’re attaching a sticker in the right place, packing a Christmas cake or collating a variety of different components, the creativity of our packaging services knows no boundaries.

Overview of our core services:

- Collation of custom packs
- Packing of different inserts
- Labelling/franking
- Identity matching

Correct packaging

We keep a wide range of standard packaging in stock, which can be obtained from us directly. We can also provide you with custom-made packaging in the event that your item does not fit into our standard formats.


We can collate and pack your products in a way that maximises their impact in shops or online. Manual collation allows for a high degree of creativity.
We can collate sample cases, special promotions and combinations of different products. Our clients benefit from our flexibility and our extensive experience in this area: almost nothing is impossible!
Verpackungsservice, verpacken, konfektionieren
Verpackungsservice, verpacken, konfektionieren
Verpackungsservice, verpacken, konfektionieren
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