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Warehouse logistics

Outsourcing your warehouse logistics starts with careful planning. Markus Flühmann AG will be pleased to help you formulate a total solution for your stock management requirements and offer you tried-and-tested solutions in the area of order management.

Professional storage involves more than just stacking goods in a suitable location. In particular, we believe that the essence of warehouse logistics lies in fulfilling customer requirements and offering flexible, cost-effective solutions.

Innovative warehouse logistics as the key to success

The key to our success was the discovery of a gap in the market for distributing brochures and travel catalogues to travel agents in an efficient and cost-effective way for tour operators.
Today, the stock management services of our warehouse logistics company are not relied on only by the Swiss travel industry, but by a wide range of well-known service companies in other industries and sectors.

Distribution centre with stock management

With Markus Flühmann AG, you benefit from more than 22,000 m² of storage and processing space for your products, as well as from the expertise of our qualified and motivated logistics personnel.
Each warehouse requisition is logged, facilitating highly precise stock management. You can view your stock levels and statistics online at any time.

More information about warehouse logistics:

> Picking & packing, processing single orders
> Reporting & statistics
Lagerlogistik, Lagerbewirtschaftung, Lagerung
Lagerlogistik, Lagerung, Lagerbewirtschaftung
Lagerlogistik, Lagerung, Lagerbewirtschaftung
Lagerlogistik, Lagerung, Lagerbewirtschaftung